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Updated march 27 2010

Wanted or For Sale

WANTED (Feb 7)

I am looking for the tray only for a six piece breakfast set for Royal Winton, Tiger Lily, Yellow pattern.

Contact Jane at leacliff@sympatico.ca

WANTED (Feb 7)

Hello Dave,
I have been on this chintzchina.com site but seems it hasnt been updated in a long time........just to make a note, i am collecting Royal winton sunshine or royalty or sweetpea....want sets... not 1's odd pieces....no rush........

Nicole Edlund hadashimports@gmail.com

WANTED (Feb 7)
Hi Dave
Got your email from a friend I am looking for a royal winton teapot and creamer for a yellow tiger lily breakfast set if you got or get any of these two pcs please keep me in mind

Thanks in advance

Rolly Trepanier trepforde@sympatico.ca

Wanted: (Feb 7)

Hello: I am looking for a teacup for the red splattered Royal Winton Breakfast set. I can be contacted at euie46@hotmail.com. Thanks

WANTED (Feb 7)
Hi Dave,
I am hunting for pieces for a royal winton breakfast set (yellow rosebud). I am looking for the toast rack, sugar bowl and jug. Do you have any of these available? And if so, how much would they be?

Kind regards
Michelle mat.man@ihug.co.nz

WANTED (Feb 7)
I am hunting for a yellow breakfast set toast rack. Do you have one available, and if so how much to send to New Zealand?
Kind regards
Michelle Mannington mat.man@ihug.co.nz

WANTED (Feb 7)
Looking for one Royal Winton "Beeston" demitasse saucer and one black Royal Winton "Pekin" Demitasse cup.


WANTED (Feb 7)
I am looking for a Royal Winton teapot LID in the Julia pattern, 4 cup size. It is my favorite teapot , but I broke the lid when dusting. I really hope that someone can help me. My e-mail address is: hapypt@aol.com

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For Sale

FOR SALE (march 27)


PLEASE CONTACT mikeandjudy@optusnet.com.au


FOR SALE (Feb 7)

Dave -
About 25 years ago, I ran across the most delightful set of china in an antique shop in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The owner of the shop said it was a consignment from a woman who had bought it in an antique shop in the Virgin Islands in the 1940s. I had no idea what it was, but had to buy it, absolutely smitten with its charm.

 Over time, I discovered that I possess a set of Royal Winton Queen Anne. A very complete set, in fact, with 8 place settings (dinner plate, salad plate, bread/butter plate, soup bowls, cups and saucers) and quite a few completer and serving pieces. In investigating the values of the pieces, I was shocked ... but of course, it's their beauty that captivated me

 I have downsized over the years and the china has been packed away. . I would love to sell the set to someone who can properly appreciate and display it. Is this something for which you might be able to refer me to an appropriate person?

Many thanks for whatever assistance you might be able to provide.

Aleta Carpenter AletaCarpenter@comcast.net




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